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Analysis Center

The Analysis Center, is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong. With a self-owned brand of "Mandison". We are specialized in Finished Drugs, APIs, Chemicals, Functional products, Medical supplies, Medical Devices etc.. Now we are marketing our products in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Middle east, and etc.

As years development , our factories are specialized in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of finished drugs, APIs, chemicals, bio-tech products, medical surgical products. 

Our factory have GMP approval, ISO:13485:2003 and CE certified.


Warehouse handling of dispatch goods is any system for Receipt, Storage and Distribution of materials.

Provide the details as to how the products are dispatched to the customers and steps taken there by prevent any discrepancies.

(1) Product packaging clearly marked to prevent confusion;
(2) Written pass documents when receipt;
(3) Isolated areas when storage; Storage areas clearly marked;
(4) Written pass documents when departure;
(5) Delivery written documents in transportation process ; customers confirm the commodity and the quantity under instruction of these documents.
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