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Product name: Ca salt
Therapeutic: High quality minerals
Standard name: Calcium Carbonate , Heavy Calcium Carbonate, L-Calcium Lactate ,Calcium Citrate
Type: RH, 600 mesh, 1200 mesh, Monohydrate
Validity : 12 months
Packaging: 25kg/bag
1.Ca main physical function
        Calcium is an important component of bones and teeth, the calcium need for body varies with the growth rate of bone and in the age of 13-14, Ca demand gets to its greatest period. Calcium ion can adjust cell receptor conjunction, ion channel permeability and neurotransmitter release, so as to maintain normal physiological functions of nerves and muscles including the excitability of nerve and muscle, nerve impulse conduction and heart beating. Calcium is involved with blood coagulation and some hormones’ secretion. Calcium can also maintain body acid-base balance and regulate normal cell physiological function.
2.Calcium deficiency
       Calcium deficiency illness is a common nutritional disease. For children, this disease is often accompanied by protein and vitamin D deficiency which could cause growth retardation, abnormal bone structure, bone calcification, bone deformation, rickets, dental dysplasia, caries. For adult, it may cause bone decalcification and softening gradually, especially along with aging, calcium loss will be a common phenomenon. It will occur after the age of 40 for women and Men for 60.
3. Calcium excess
       Calcium excess will increase the risk of calcium lithiasis, hypercalciuria are the dangerous factors for kidney stones. The excessive intake of oxalic acid and protein cell fiber personnel are relevant factors for kidney stones, it may also influence the bioavailability of essential microelements, such as high calcium inhibits iron absorption, it may also reduce zinc utilization rate.
4.Ca demand and supply                                
        Calcium balance method is usually adopted for the determination of calcium need for human body. Because of the different protein intake volume, so the calcium intake and calcium balance value is different. In some countries or regions with low protein inke, only 400~500mg can achieve calcium balance. Postmenopausal women and women without hormone therapy need 1200~1500mg per day, part of the reason is decreasing calcium absorption along with aging. Different physiological conditions should be considered for calcium need such as infants, children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women and other special conditions need more calcium.
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