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Fe salt

  • Therapeutic: High quality minerals
  • 属性: 属性值
Standard name:
Product name: Fe salt
Therapeutic: High quality minerals
Standard name: Ferrous Sulfate , EDTA Ferrisodium, Ferrus Fumarate
Type: Heptahydrate
Validity : 12 months
Packaging: 25kg/bag
1.Fe main physical function
        Iron is a component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome and some respiratory enzymes in the body, oxygen transport and tissue respiration process. Hemoglobin is a globulin and four iron porphyrin, the combination of reversible and oxygen, in transport, exchange and oxygen in the body to breathe. Myoglobin is composed of a heme and a ball protein composition, basic function of myoglobin is the transport and storage of oxygen in muscle tissue, in order to promote muscle oxygen release when the muscle contraction. The cytochrome is a compound of heme, which has the role of electron transfer within the mitochondria, it plays an important role in cellular respiration and energy metabolism.
        Iron is related to maintain normal function of immune system and iron deficiency can cause lymphopenia and natural killer cell activity decreasing. In addition, β - carotene transform into vitamin A and compose purine to work together with collagen and lipid to detoxificate in liver. All these process need Fe participation. Fe can influence lipid peroxidation, when Fe deficiency increase, lipid peroxidation will get worse.
2..Fe deficiency
        Fe amount in red blood accounts for 2/3 of human body. Fe may form into High-speed Rail heme with porphyrin in bone marrow hematopoietic cells, and form hemoglobin with globin. Fe deficiency can affect hemoglobin formation and even for DNA formation and erythroblast proliferation.
        Long-term Fe deficiency in dietary can cause iron deficiency anemia, and it is more common in infants and young children, pregnant and lactating women. The main reason is the increasing demanding of the body while the deficient intaking in dietary. In addition, the inner bleeding caused by menorrhagia, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer and other diseases are also an important cause.
3.Fe demand and supply
        To convert Fe physiology demand into dietary reference intake, we must consider all kinds of Fe bioavailability which is not only influenced by many dietary factors, but also related closely to Fe nutritional status in human body. Due to the lack of sufficient evidence, especially the lack of dietary iron absorption and utilization in China, China Nutrition Society recommended to determine the adequate intake (AI), rather than recommended intake (RNI). AI recommended values are shown in the table below.
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