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Zn salt

  • Therapeutic: High quality minerals
Standard name:
Product name: Zn salt
Therapeutic: High quality minerals
Standard name: Zinc Oxide , Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Citrate, Zinc Gluconate
Type: Heptahydrate , Monohyd rate
Validity : 12 months
Packaging: 25kg/bag
1.Zn main physical function
        Zinc plays an important role on the growth and development, intellectual development, immune function, metabolism and reproductive function. First of all, zinc is a component or activator for 200 kinds of enzyme, such as superoxide dismutase, malate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase. Those enzyme plays an important role in energy metabolism, antioxidant and tissue respiration. Zinc is an essential trace element for RNA polymerase, DNA polymerase and reversible Chlorine enzyme activity. Zinc is also involved in growth, division and differentiation process for protein formation. Zinc deficiency can cause disorders of RNA, DNA and protein synthesis, leading to growth arrest.
        Zinc is involved in metabolism of luteinizing hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, it is very important for fetus growth and development, sex organs and sexual function. Zinc can promote cell mitosis, increase the number and activity of T cells. Zinc deficiency can cause atrophy of thymus gland, thymus hormone decrease, T cell function destroyed and cell mediated immunity changes. Zinc can improve the ability of cell membrane to resist oxygen free radicals, enhance stability of cell membrane. Zinc and saliva protein bind into gustin to increase appetite. It can protect skin and eye.
2.Zn deficiency
        There are many causes of zinc deficiency and namely in three aspects for insufficient intake, increased demand and over output. Zn are less in Plant foods, phytic acid and dietary fiber can be combined with zinc to obstruct its absorption, so less intake of animal food can lead to Zn deficiency. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants need more Zn so they are susceptibility to zinc deficiency. Diarrhea, acute infection, kidney disease, diabetes, trauma may cause zinc deficiency since the over removal of it. Long-term zinc deficiency for children can cause appetite decreasing or pica, immune function reducing or delaying, growth and development stagnation. For adult, it may cause sexual dysfunction, reduced sperm count, fetal malformation and rough skin.
3.Zn demand and supply
        Because there is no ideal functional testing method for Zn nutritional status, it is usually to calculate inner loss for the demand quantity.
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